Selling service


Our sales service is aimed at wholesalers, retailers and private customers, understanding the specific needs of each group.
The sale of diamonds is carried out by our team of professionals who have bought and sold this precious stone for many years.

We take care of the sale of high quality diamonds, certified all over the world guaranteeing the best offers on the market.
We specialize in wholesale sales of diamonds of different sizes.

Our prices are based on 4C diamond criteria in order to offer very competitive prices.

The diamond market is extremely stable, it is not influenced by economic, political and social crises, wars and earthquakes, it is not tied to any national economy, but it is international and safe.
The diamond does not pay taxes, there are no entry and management costs, there are no stamps.
The diamond is a good to the bearer and is transparent in front of the tax authorities.
In the event of disinvestment, Royal Diamonds LTD offers the disinvestment service within 30 working days (unique in Europe); furthermore, being a supranational asset and internationally recognized, it can also be sold off anywhere in the world.
Diamonds are physically delivered to the investor, they are a tangible investment.